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- December 8, 2017 - Edition #823 Circulation 4300+ Weekly - Ron Richardson - Editor -

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In this issue:

1. Notes from Ron (Editor): Generate Consistent Leads and Sales for Any Business...using LinkedIn

2. Internet News You Need: 2018 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

3. Mobile Marketing: 7 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2018

4. Feature Article: 8 Predicted Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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1. Notes from Ron

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2. Internet Marketing News You Need

How Local Businesses Are Advertising This Holiday Season
Facebook is the most popular channel with local businesses for running advertising campaigns this holiday season, according to recent research from Netsertive…
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Top Holiday Gifts for Clients [Infographic]
As you prepare gifts for your clients this year, keep prospects in mind as well. Over half of companies that send gifts include competitors' clients as gift recipients—to grab their attention…
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2018 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends
There's good news, and not-so-good news. First, the good news: B2C marketers are becoming more successful with content marketing. Now the not-so-good news: Many business-to-consumer marketers say their organizations don't have realistic expectations about what their content marketing can achieve. (This is why we can't have nice things.)…
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3. Mobile Marketing

7 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2018

If you pay attention, you’ll notice a quiet revolution happening in the world of marketing. Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to channel for a variety of strategies designed to reach your customer. If you’re not using mobile yet, you will soon be. Here are 7 trends to take notice of to start developing a strategy to add mobile to your marketing mix in 2018.

1. Mobile Video

It’s been predicted that in 2018, people will spend about 36 minutes watching videos on their mobile devices, where they’ll spend just 18.5 minutes on non-mobile devices. That’s reason alone to invest in mobile video content and mobile advertising for your brand. With different formats for mobile video ads, there are a variety of ways to engage with your audience, as well as get them to click to your website from the device that has their attention throughout the day. Remember less is more, keep videos under two-minutes to gain traction.

2. Mobile SEO

This is far beyond having a responsive website. It’s a given that your website design will adapt based on the device it’s being viewed on. Mobile SEO is about how your mobile website focuses on core ranking, indexing and leveraging mobile keywords. Keys to success are the following:

         Focus on relevancy, usefulness and authority

         It must download quickly

         Create a mobile index

         Fix mobile-friendly errors

         Do mobile keyword research and content creation

Also know that in 2018, Google will rank search results based on the mobile friendliness of websites too, so if you’re planning on updating your site keep mobile top of mind.

3. Mobile Search

You may have optimized your website for desktop searches, but you’ll need to take another gander to make sure it’s mobile friendly in terms of search, too. Because so many searches for local businesses happens on mobile devices with intent to buy, it’s imperative that your website content uses keywords to attract local customers. Consider long-tail keywords, that include the neighborhood your business is located in within those keywords.

Also know that voice search is huge with mobile, so people are searching differently. Rather than typing in “restaurant best steak Philadelphia,” a user might voice search with Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Home “What’s the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly?” Knowing this, you can use these semantic search phrases in your SEO to better reach your mobile audience.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have been all the rage for years, and they’re not going anywhere. While not every business needs to invest in the expense of designing an app, they can be beneficial for many industries including restaurants, lifestyle bloggers, fashion, art, health and fitness, and of course productivity/software businesses. But your app better be worth it. People aren’t willing to give up precious data to a hog app that runs in the background.

Before diving in, ask yourself what your purpose is in building an app. How will it better serve your customers? Are you prepared to invest in marketing the app to boost users? What’s your end goal? Having a mobile app strategy will help you be successful in this endeavor.

5. In-App Mobile Content

You may be focusing on creating great content on your blog, but you need great mobile friendly content too. Why? Because Google now searches apps for content and shows it in search results.

Having valuable and up-to-date content in your mobile app may help you attract more app users and customers simply because Google will acknowledge it, so divert some of your content marketing efforts to that mobile app.

6. Mobile Gamification

Whether you want to boost use of your mobile apps, get people to redeem mobile coupons, or have users share your content on social media, mobile gamification can help.

People like challenges. Imagine a marketing campaign where you enter anyone who opens your app every day for two weeks into a drawing for a vacation. Or giving a coupon to anyone who shares your content on Facebook. By requiring people to make tiny efforts, you can have a huge impact on your mobile marketing.

7. Mobile Ads

Mobile pay-per-click ads can help you connect with the millions of smartphone users who are searching on their phones for businesses — especially local ones.  Beyond mobile video ads (which should be no more than :15-:20 seconds) are growing in popularity. There’s growing interest in Google shopping ads which are pay-per-click ads that allows you to show up in Google search results even if your target is blocking ads. Facebook ads, are now mobile friendly, and can help you boost engagement of your Facebook page through mobile use. With over two-thirds of Facebook traffic being mobile, there is far more available inventory to optimize.

There are other mobile ad options to consider, like banner ads, retargeting ads, display ads within app content or on mobile websites. The key is: go mobile with your ads, because that’s where your audience is.

If you truly care about reaching your target audience, don’t ignore mobile. Instead, choose one or more of these up-and-coming mobile marketing trends and see how they affect your bottom line. You may just find mobile to be the next marketing boost for your business.

About the Author
Melinda F. Emerson, known to many as SmallBizLady is one of America's leading small business experts. As a seasoned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and small business coach, she develops audio, video and written content to fulfill her mission to end small business failure. As CEO of Quintessence Multimedia, Melinda educates entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies on subjects including small business start-up, business development and social media marketing. Forbes Magazine named her #1 woman for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

4. Feature Article

8 Predicted Digital Marketing Trends for 2018
Annabel Clark

The digital world is constantly changing with rapid advancements in technology each year.With newly-digitalised businesses and consumers beginning to interact with websites and apps more than physical staff, this shift change can’t be ignored.

From voice search, to micro-moments and omnichannel, here are 8 predictions for digital marketing in 2018:

1. Advancements in voice search

With voice search already accounting for 20% of searches, businesses will consider this far more in their SEO strategies into 2018. With all major technology providers investing in virtual assistants, the AI technology will advance and become a key part of a user’s journey with a brand.

2. Rise in niche-influencer marketing

There’s been a clear rise in influencer marketing over the past few years, especially on social media.

There will be a fall in big celebs endorsing products as new niche-influencers emerge, including the Z-list celebs, think Love Island.

This can be a cost-effective way, roughly 750 per 100,000 followers, of reaching a highly engaged and relevant audience – if done correctly!

3. More companies investing in Live Chat

It’s a no brainer that live chat will become an even bigger channel of communication. We’ve seen a surge in B2B live chat interaction in 2017 across a range of clients. Not only that, it has proven itself as a high converting medium.

Businesses will put more agents online and be available outside of working hours.

4. A switch to a #nofilter community

Users are tiring of highly polished and photoshopped media. With these ever-growing cynical audiences -thanks fake news- brands will realise authenticity is key.

Content will be more genuine, abolishing the airbrush with a surge in live videos and real-life content.

5. More local inventory ads

Since their release in 2016 the pick-up of local inventory ads has been quite small. You’d think with a big shift in local intent that more retailers would have jumped on this.

The trouble is it’s tricky to identify the value of a LIA vs a standard product ad. In 2018 Google will improve on this tracking which leads on to…

6. Better measurement of omnichannel

Omnichannel is a term I’ve heard a lot from numerous clients this year. With 75% of mobile searchers visiting a store within 24 hours, the release of Project Beacon was no real surprise.

In 2018 Google will share more details on how they track store visits, for businesses to understand how this attribution works – and begin using it properly as an important KPI.

7. Understanding micro moments

With there being more devices than people in the world, and each person on average checking their phone 100+ times a day, micro moments are crucial.

Decisions are made in micro-moments; when you check emails, social media or push notifications. Monitoring these touch points and their impact on the lead up to a macro-conversion will be a priority.

8. Abolishing the norms for a more inclusive message

In 2017 we have seen big brand campaigns with a real focus on gender equality, prejudices, and sexuality.

Think of the Heineken Worlds Apart campaign and McCain We Are Family campaign.

Brands who are confident enough will take heed from the big players and will be more aware of how to target everyone, blurring the gender divide and taboo around sexuality.

Whilst we can’t predict exactly what will happen in 2018, we’re excited to see what new trends, tools and technology will be released in the digital arena.

This time next year, let’s see how many – if any – predictions were right!

About the Author
Annabel Clark is a Digital Specialist at Upperdog, an agency based on the South Coast in Bournemouth. Upperdog helps brands transform the digital experience for customers through expert SEO, PPC, social media and web design services.

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