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- April 21, 2017 - Edition #796 Circulation 4300+ Weekly - Ron Richardson - Editor -

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In this issue:

1. Notes from Ron (Editor): Generate Consistent Leads and Sales for Any Business...using LinkedIn

2. Internet News You Need: 40 Video Stats You Should Know If You Work in E-Commerce [Infographic]

3. Mobile Marketing:  How to Create Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms

4. Feature Article: The 5 rules of highly-opened email subject lines

5. Subscriber Ads:




Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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1. Notes from Ron

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The Multiple Traffic Channel Trick

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2. Internet Marketing News You Need

The State of Content and Influencer Marketing [Infographic]
As content and influencer marketing continue to become staples of the marketing repertoire, marketers must continually determine how to best use influencer content for brands…
Read the rest

40 Video Stats You Should Know If You Work in E-Commerce [Infographic]
If you work in e-commerce, it's likely that your brand and your competitors are using video to help educate, entertain, and sell products or services…
Read the rest

The top ecommerce marketing trends of 2017 and how to keep up with them
Ecommerce marketing is all about coming up with new ideas to engage with customers. The latest trends are all about focusing on the customers and their needs, and that’s a great way to improve your marketing efforts…
Read the rest

3. Mobile Marketing

How to Create Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms
By: Ann Smarty

Customer onboarding is by far the most important goal of online presence. The problem is that when dealing with mobile traffic, you are limited to small screens and mobile device functionality. Creativity becomes necessary to get around the issue. You only have one chance to make a good impression, yet you have to get your message across.

Why care?

Mobile traffic is rapidly on the rise. A1QA claims that in 2014 the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the world's overall population and estimates there will be 11.5 billion mobile devices by 2019. Marketing Land reports that mobile now represents 65 percent of all digital media time. Furthermore, by 2019, mobile advertising is estimated to represent 72 percent of all U.S. digital ad spending.

According to Email Monday, mobile email opens have grown by 180 percent in the last three years. That being said, it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile optimization is important. It's clear that it is. The question is how to optimize for mobile devices to convert your mobile site visitors into buyers or subscribers.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The first bit of advice is the most basic, and something that we should keep in mind in all steps of the mobile-friendly design process -- keep things simple. Lead generation forms are already running the risk of being crowded and over stimulating. They can take focus from the general UI of the website or act against the intuitive nature of gesture movements and brand choices.

When you have your first version, take some time to go through your lead generation form properly. Try and keep a fresh perspective, as though you were a user who had never seen it before. Do you find the form cumbersome? Does it look good and clean? Is the information well organized and easy to understand? Is there a step you wouldn't have needed explained, or that was redundant?

Simplify the forms based on these questions, until you have stripped it down to the minimum.

Avoid being aggressive.

Having too many sales prompts can really work against you. No one wants to be aggressively sold to. If you put in too many overlay purchase reminders, you are not likely to get those sales. The user will probably just leave and find an alternative that doesn't invade their headspace.

Keep in mind that pop-up calls-to-action may affect your mobile rankings too. Since January of this year, Google has been penalizing sites that use intrusive popup forms for mobile users.

Opt-in forms that cover the main content, either immediately after the user navigates to a page from the search results or while they are looking through the page, have been defined as intrusive. Google doesn't want to send mobile users to pages that provide a poor user experience.

Use event triggering to serve your lead generation forms to people who kept browsing your website or asked for more information. Don't serve aggressive calls-to-action immediately after a user lands on your web page.

Use alternative calls-to-action.

In many cases, you simply must have a form on a mobile devices, but a much more obvious call-to-action for a smart phone is "Call now." Phones are made for calling, and that's what many phone users will be more inclined to do.

Use calls-to-action that encourage visitors to call instead of filling out a form. Don't forget to make all phone numbers clickable on your site. This way you'll make it easy for mobile users to perform an action and get in touch with your company. Here's very clear instruction on how to create "Click to Call" call-to-action from Google.

se tools.

Here are some tools for better-performing mobile lead generation forms.

  • Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to run a quick preview of how your web page looks on mobile device. You'll still need human testers to go through your website, but this tool gives a good starting point.
  • Set up a business monitoring dashboard using a tool like Cyfe to monitor mobile traffic and conversions. Cyfe lets you import all types of Google Analytics stats (including conversion reports) as well as imports lead generation reports from Unbounce. You can then monitor all the reports from a single dashboard.
  • Set up mobile-only lead generation forms using tools like Hellobar or Sumo.

Are your lead generation forms perform well on mobile devices? It's time to test!

About the Author
Ann Smarty is the Brand and Community manager at as well as the founder of Ann has been into Internet Marketing for 7 years, she is the former Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Journal and contributor...Read more

4. Feature

The 5 rules of highly-opened email subject lines
By: Katie Callaghan 

“Use keywords”  “Don’t go over 50 characters” “Start with action oriented verbs”  “
Use emoji” “NEVER use emoji”

These are just some of the pieces of advice you’ll get when you Google “how to write an email subject line”. In fact, Google returns over 31,000,000 results for that query at the time of writing.

This number makes more sense when you know that one of the most common email marketing metrics is email open rate – which is directly tied to how strong your subject line is, making writing subject lines that get opened a crucial part of your email marketing program.

Unfortunately, many marketers stick to the rules above, which are outdated and restrictive. They offer “do” or “do not” solutions, instead of helping you understand the psychology behind why people open emails.

When you understand the reasons why people open emails to begin with, it becomes very easy to write subject lines which get opened.

Here are five psychology-based principles conversion copywriters use when creating subject lines that get opened:

#1 – Be emotional

Ask any professional salesperson why people buy and they’ll be able to tell you the following: “People buy for emotional reasons.” Email subject lines operate on the same principle. If your subject line incites an emotional response in your reader, they are far more likely to open your email than when reading a more logical subject line.

You can do this by leaving a curiosity gap or by appealing to other emotional triggers, like relevancy, urgency, instant gratification, authority, or fear.

The emotional response here creates an immediate need to know more, which leads to more of your readers clicking “open”. Just make sure that your content matches up with your subject line – misleading subject lines are likely to get you marked as SPAM and unsubscribed from.

#2 – Be specific

Copyblogger has a great rundown of what makes specificity so persuasive. In short, specificity means using concrete details wherever you can in your copy because those details help capture attention.

So, instead of writing “watch two dogs fight” write “watch a feisty Yorkie take on a Great Dane”. Details like this, especially in your subject line, help grab your reader’s attention and create an emotional response that drives clicks and opens.

Specificity also helps create a sense of believability and credibility, because a number like 83.4% feels too random (and thus, too real) to be made up. “Over 50%” is a much less intriguing number than “53%”, let alone “53.7%”. We find odd and unexpected numbers interesting, and the curiosity can push us to open just to see what’s going on.

Note: this is not an excuse to play fast and loose with your numbers. Stick to numbers that are real results you can back up; just be specific with the numbers you release.

#3 – Write in sentence case

The highest converting emails are always written conversationally, as though you were speaking to a friend instead of writing stilted business correspondence. That friendly tone starts with your subject line, as it’s the first part of the email your reader will see.

Write your subject line in sentence case to start with that friendly tone, much as you would if you were writing to a coworker or a friend.

Avoid Capitalizing Every Word or (worse yet) subject lines written IN ALL CAPS. They’re shouty, visually unappealing, and do very little to entice your readers to open your email.

#4 – Make them as long as they need to be

While you do want to be as concise as possible with your subject lines, you should not feel bound to an arbitrary word or character limit you heard from an email marketing expert five years ago.

Character limit rules for subject lines are well-intentioned, but are usually driven by character display limits in email inboxes rather than by customer behavior.

Being emotional and specific is far more important than fitting into a set number of characters, because those emotions and images are what will get your readers curious enough to open your email – even if it’s just to see the rest of your subject line.

And it’s understanding the behavior and preferences of your specific audience that will help you craft subject lines that get your emails opened. Some audiences like short subject lines. Others prefer longer ones.

How can you know which one your audience likes? Just follow this last principle:

#5 – Test your subject lines

To truly optimize your marketing – including your email marketing – you must test everything.

When it comes to emails, this means split testing your headlines to see which ones get more opens. This benefits you in two ways.

First, if you’re using autoresponders, you can set your emails to the higher-opened headline and leave the sequence to run, confident in your open rate.

Second, if you test consistently, your test results will start to reveal patterns in which subject lines your readers respond to. Knowing what types of subject lines and subject line content your audience opens the most can make writing these emotional, specific, and concise headlines much, much easier.

As with all copywriting, the key to great results is understanding your audience and what drives them. With subject lines, it’s a matter of knowing what content or subject will grab your reader’s attention, and then using these principles to create a subject line with the maximum chance of getting opened.

About the Author
Katie Callaghan is a Sales Funnel Strategist and Conversion Copywriter helping growth-stage startups turn existing traffic into more customers, users, and revenue. You can find her at

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