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- June 16, 2017 - Edition #803 Circulation 4300+ Weekly - Ron Richardson - Editor -

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In this issue:

1. Notes from Ron (Editor): Generate Consistent Leads and Sales for Any Business...using LinkedIn

2. Internet News You Need: Google Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know About Fred [Infographic]

3. Mobile Marketing: An Introduction to Marketing Your Mobile App

4. Feature Article: Three Strategic Marketing and Sales Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

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1. Notes from Ron

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2. Internet Marketing News You Need

Fake News, Real Concerns: How Misleading Content Affects Advertising [Infographic]
Some 96% of online advertisers say they are concerned about their ads' appearing alongside fake-news content, according to recent research from BrightRoll…
Read the rest

Google Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know About Fred [Infographic]
Google keeps search marketers on their toes with frequent updates to its search algorithms. The latest major update, dubbed "Fred," affected some sites more than others. In this infographic, digital marketing agency 180fusion decodes what that means for marketers…
Read the rest

Despite the hype, most marketers not investing in hot new technologies
According to a survey conducted as part of OnBrand Magazine’s State of Branding Report 2017, marketers are well aware of the new technologies that are expected to be important to their brands in coming years, but the majority aren’t rushing to invest in them before they’re fully-baked…
Read the rest


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3. Mobile Marketing

An Introduction to Marketing Your Mobile App

Marketing and cross-platform promotion are incredibly important in creating brand awareness, acquiring users, and building an audience for your app. If you’ve already spent time, effort, and money on conceptualizing and building your app, the next step is to market your product and make it a success.

A product has three marketing life stages:

  • Pre-launch: build awareness
  • Launch: focus on app store optimization
  • Post launch: build and maintain user engagement

Ask yourself the following:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What outcome are you seeking?

It’s important to refine your target audiences precisely even if you already identified these target markets when you researched your idea. Reaching a niche audience—one that will respond positively to your app—may be the most effective way to spark word-of-mouth buzz.

From there, decide what your primary objective is: Do you want to achieve the widest possible reach? Focus on building active users? Maximize revenue? The answer to this question affects what marketing channel choices you should make—to buy reach or to encourage repeat visits.

Identifying your main objective will help inform your budget and investment requirements. If your app is initially free while you focus on building the largest possible audience, you’ll need the funds, via investment or otherwise, to support this approach since you won’t be generating revenue at the outset.

Take the time to carefully think through this process; your decisions will drive your marketing program. Your marketing plan must be closely aligned with a business plan that can fund it; both are crucial and shouldn’t be considered in isolation of the other.

 When creating your marketing plan, you should research and set out the following items: 

  • An analysis of your current market
  • Your business objectives
  • Key marketing strategies
  • Steps to achieving your objectives
  • Proposed budget
  • Timing

The key marketing strategies you should consider are: 

  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Building an online presence through a website
  • List building
  • Engagement via social media
  • The launch party

You’ll need to fight hard for your place in the app store. According to Distimo, only 2% of the top 250 publishers in Apple’s App Store are “newcomers.” It’s a similar story in Google Play for Android apps—only 3% of publishers are new.

The app store launch should be your main focus at this point since getting it right is likely to be the single most important factor influencing the success of your app.

App Store Optimization
In their white paper on mobile marketing, Apppli reported that 60% of downloads come from organic searches in the app store. Making sure people can discover your app is crucial.

App store optimization is your positioning and how people will find your app in the app stores. It consists of five main elements:

  1. The name of the app
  2. The app icon’s design
  3. The wording: the right keywords, description, and what’s new sections
  4. Useful screenshots
  5. App reviews

It’s a good idea to find at least 10-12 of your friends and family members to help you test and improve on the iterations of your app. Once your launch date draws closer, encourage them to spread the word about it and help build interest in your launch.

In his book Grouped, Paul Adams, who was Facebook’s Global Head of Brand Design, reports that certain individuals are influencers who are more trusted and have greater sway within their social groups than others within those same groups. Try to include as many of these types of people in your test group as you can. It’ll help maximize the social reach of your app’s launch.

Post Launch
Once your app has been launched, you’ll need to continue to create awareness and engagement. If you’re really lucky, early adopters will like some aspect of your app enough to talk about it and recommend it to their friends. Word of mouth is the holy grail of marketing. It’s not only free but also has been measured to be 2-3 times more effective than a promotion you’d run directly because people assign a higher level of trust to a referral.

In addition, you should be prepared to monitor reviews in the app store to pinpoint bugs or issues and resolve them quickly. If users experience bugs, it will result in low ratings for your app and can impact your search visibility. Newly updated apps are more discoverable—and potentially more visible—which is why a focus on fixing bugs can give your app a boost and contribute to future success. 

Also, continue to monitor and maintain your social media channels. Be sure to mark milestones with PR efforts and engage with your users. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and consider how you could improve upon it. Take note of any good marketing efforts you see and think about how you might replicate them.

The goal is to ensure the people who would be the most interested in your app know about it. By maintaining this focus, you’ll be able to get the best achievable return on investment no matter if you’re measuring it in dollars or time.

About the Author
NICHOLAS WRIGHT is the co-founder of AppInstruct, an online course teaching entrepreneurs the business and technical skills they need to create an app. Nicholas founded… more

4. Feature Article

Three Strategic Marketing and Sales Mistakes to Avoid in 2017
Brian Fravel 

The year is nearly halfway through, and you may already be feeling you're behind in reaching the organization's ambitious 2017 revenue goals. No reason to worry yet, but before your anxiety turns into a mid-year panic attack, it's a good idea to keep your eye on a few key strategic areas.

The following three, when ignored, become some of the most common mistakes that lead to the midyear panic attack.

1. Not Aligning Sales and Marketing Goals

Sounds simple and obvious, but so many organizations don't do it. Why—especially when, according to the TAS Group, misalignment costs B2B companies 10% of revenue per year.

Common symptoms are simply structural; these are two separate functions, and the CEO doesn't hold them accountable for being aligned. Another common reason is they view the sales and marketing relationship as a baton handoff instead of an ongoing partnership: Often, Marketing generates leads, gives them to Sales, and then Sales does its thing.

Steps to avoid misalignment:

         Agree on joint goals at the beginning of the year. If you haven't by now this year, get on it ASAP. As the adage goes, "you get what you measure."

         Have a common, agreed-upon definition of "lead." If you haven't done this in the past, you may need to reset expectations on lead numbers. Most organizations could benefit from having a higher bar for qualifying sales leads. The result may be fewer leads, but higher-quality leads that result in more business and a higher likelihood that Sales will follow up.

         Have a formally defined lead hand-off process. If the marketing department is backing up the lead truck to the sales department and dumping leads on Sales, it's time to redefine your process. What is the follow-up expectation? Within 24 hours? How many touches is the minimum before Sales moves on?


         Measure and refine. Quarterly reviews are recommended, as they give you enough data to see what is working and what is not. They also allow time to change course and affect the remainder of the year.

2. Under-Resourced Plan or Lack of a Plan

Anyone who has pitched the CFO for more money without citing tangible numbers knows that's as effective as fishing in a roadside puddle.

If the ROI of marketing and sales activities is not clearly communicated, then funds and attention are not dedicated for new tools or staff. Obviously, if you can attribute your activities directly to revenue, you'll have the most compelling of arguments. But that isn't always possible.

Try these places to start building a more compelling case:

         Measure Sales' use of your content. Sirius Decisions estimates that only 30% of marketing content is used by sales; if you can identify the other 70% and reduce waste, you'll make your CFO happy. CFOs like reducing waste.


         Get feedback on your marketing content from your sales reps. Though simple feedback may not be the "holy grail" of attributing content to revenue, it's logical that pieces of content with higher feedback ratings are probably helping sales reps move deals through the sales funnel.


         Deploy sales-enablement technology if your organization is more sophisticated and can do so. It will knock the socks off your CFO. With sales-enablement technology tied to your CRM and content, you can show which pieces of content move deals through the sales stages and ultimately result in new revenue.

3. Thinking That Sales Growth and Momentum Will Continue

Often, when things are going well and the company is in a growth phase, it's easy to become complacent. But before complacency becomes a killer, carve off a portion of your budget and start piloting new approaches.

Ideas to pilot, if you haven't already:

         Account-based marketing (ABM). The concept has been around for many years, and it's now a popular topic in the sales and marketing blogosphere, but very few companies have implemented an ABM approach. Start small with your perfect target market and a small group of accounts. Allocate the right resources to truly customize the content and see what you can produce. It's likely that those who execute well will achieve higher ROI than those that don't implement ABM in the very near future.

         Increase your Sales tech stack. The Marketing tech stack has improved marketers' ability to automate and deliver highly relevant, targeted content during the marketing process. New Sales tech products are constantly hitting the market with the promise of doing for Sales what martech did for marketers.

         Start using predictive analytics. Many of the sales tech products are using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, to help tell you what to do before you know what to do. Even if your current strategy is working, wouldn't you like to know where your future strategy should go?


Pulling It All Together

At the end of the year, sales will be measured by revenue. Marketing should be measured against revenue as well.

In today's digital word, old tactics will continue to dwindle in effectiveness. Now, more than ever, your sales and marketing teams need to be collaborating to achieve common goals and using the sophisticated technology available to them. For most B2B organizations, that probably also means looking at processes to improve their sales execution, and they will need to take advantage of technology to automate sales activities, processes, and administrative tasks. A 2016 Gartner report predicts, for example, that by 2018 manual data entry by salespeople will be cut in half due to the adoption of sales productivity tools. If streamlining processes isn't on your long-term radar yet, now is also the time to start doing research.

So start mapping your long-term strategy and your short-term actions. And don't panic: 2017 is far from over.

About the Author
Brian Fravel is vice-president of marketing of Veelo, a cloud-based marketing and sales enablement provider. LinkedIn: Brian Fravel   Twitter: @fravelb

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